Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day 4: Solo performances...and MORE solo performances!

Day 3 ended last night with a surprise visit from legendary songster and host of the "Great American Songbook" on PBS, Michael Feinstein.  Mr. Feinstein sat down with the group to chat about his Broadway and television experiences, then spent a few minutes with one lucky participant to work through his solo song selection, a Gershwin song as it should happen.   The group gave Mr. Feinstein a rousing round of applause before heading "home" for another important night of rest.

Day 4 began with a much-needed warm-up.  Today was it - the day each nominee was to take the stage alone to perform the solo they'd work on so intensively with their coach these past few days.  Now was the time for Director Van Kaplan and Choreographer Kiesha Lalama to have their first looks at these solos which tomorrow's judging panel will use to help decide the eventual winners of the 2012 Jimmy Awards.  Van and Kiesha sat center stage as each participant took their spot on the "X."  One by one each of the 60 students performed for the audience of staff members, peers and new-found friends.  Nerves were heightened, but the morning was filled with plenty of laughter and ended with a ringing sense of accomplishment after Van and Kiesha shared tips, tricks and advice with many of the nominees, ending the four-hour long session with a hearty "congratulations."  After an evening of medley rehearsal, the nominees will be fully prepared for tomorrow's preliminary session with the judges.  Break a leg, everyone!


  1. My son (one of the nominees) called me after having the privilege of seeing everyone's solo. He told me his only regret is that there won't be 60 awards! They all deserve it! Break a leg everyone!

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