Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The 3rd Annual National High School Musical Theater Awards are in full swing!

It's hard to believe that The National High School Musical Theater Awards started
just three short years ago! Now, The Jimmy Awards are back...50 participants strong. This amazing group of talented youngsters from across the country arrived today to check into the dorms at NYU and have brought lots of energy with them!

After settling into their new homes this excited group of students, chaperones and Awards staff gathered for dinner together. After dinner each participant stood and introduced themselves and it became clear that the group had its share of jokesters from near (New York City) and far (California!). But they were ready to get down to business with the first music rehearsal TONIGHT.

Unlike many high school musical programs that rehearse for months at a time, this show comes together in less than ONE WEEK. And it's on BROADWAY at the Minskoff Theatre. From solo rehearsals to putting together medleys for Monday's big night, it's going to be a busy but memorable six days for all!

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